Mar 9, 2019
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Review of Honor View 20, nice even if the price is challenging

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Probably the best device that Honor has ever offered to its customers, simply excellent

Review of Honor View 20, nice even if the price is challenging
I wanted to wait almost a month before writing the review of Honor View 20 because I wanted to know this device perfectly: today it is the top of the range for the “sub-brand” of Huawei and deserves all the attention possible.

The proposal is on the whole interesting, but we can not ignore the very ambitious price positioning, which for Italy is even 699 euros .

Review of Honor View 20

I say “even” because the prerogative of Honor has always been to propose alternatives to the Huawei brand with very similar devices sold at a significantly lower price.

Evidently, that positioning is no longer valid today, if Honor View 20 today costs as much as a Mate 20 Pro and more than one Mate 20 purchased online.

But it is worth pointing out that in our country comes the version with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal memory.

Finally, I find it right to report that compared to an official price of 699 euros, actually today you find Honor View 20 on amazon to 572 euros, just click here !


Full view display
Large battery
Availability 3D TOF room
Device finishes


Non-definitive software
Good but not excellent photos
No IP certification
The best Honor ever
I have no doubt about this: Honor View 20 is definitely a step forward compared to what we have seen in the past from the same brand.

Of course, you must make peace with the back finish, because there are no middle ways: you will love it or hate it with all your heart.

In fact, before making a judgment, you should pick up this phone and get in touch live with an aesthetic solution that is more beautiful in reality than in the photos.

The only perplexity I have comes from the quality of the images, because as often happens we use many megapixels as a marketing tool without the ability to fully exploit all that power: 48 mpx eventually produce good images, but not amazing.


The first display with what I like to call “er buchetto”, the hole that allows you to eliminate the notch, the notorious notch, placing the front camera anyway without the need to use complicated mechanical solutions.

Generous dimensions, but still manageable: 6.4 inches , with a ratio of 19.5: 9, a definition of 1080 x 2310 pixels , 85.7% of total surface to display ratio, with a density of 398 pixels per inch, good but not excellent.

The total area is 101.4 cm2, a pleasure of sight to watch videos and play video games. The standard used is IPS LCD.

The colors are alive, bright, can be adjusted through the settings and if I told you it is an AMOLED you would probably fall for it. Great.


The processor is the Kirin 980 that works great on the Mate 20/20 Pro and that we will see soon on the next P30: even on Honor View 20 is a guarantee of speed and responsiveness.

All that power is combined with 6 or 8 GB of RAM with the beauty of 256 GB of internal memory , which is the capacity of the version that is sold in Italy.

However, there is not a memory expansion slot, while the fingerprint sensor is the classic one and it is positioned on the back of the device in a super convenient position to reach when you hold the phone.

The connector is USB Type C , but I also like to tell you that Honor View 20 also has the dear old infrared sensor that makes the phone work like a remote control for the TV, the air conditioning, the soundbar and everything that you control with IR .

What will make many happy is the presence of a 3.5mm headphone connector.


We must understand if all this power given by the 48 mpx of the main sensor make sense or it is a marketing cue without much substance.

Let’s say both. Because the shots are good, but not exceptional and this depends on the processing that is made of what you shoot.

But in reality the real strength of the new Honor View 20 is the 3D Time Of Flight camera, also called TOF. For now, completely theoretical. I’ll explain why.

Honor View 20 has the TOF and Android 9 camera on board: for this reason the phone should have full support of the new Google ARCore solution, which should attribute special powers to the phone when it comes to augmented reality.

In practice, support for ARCore is not yet active, the phone is not on the list of compatible products and the most popular applications that use it do not work or ask to update ARCore to be used.

To better explain: the TOF camera could be a wonder, but we do not know if it really is. Who must intervene so that it can be discovered? Google or Honor? Waiting to find out, we use the “normal” camera, which has some secrets to reveal.

There are different ways of shooting and in all honesty you do not see an abysmal difference between the moments when you shoot at 12 mpx and those at 48 mpx. To see how artificial intelligence knows how to operate, you must activate the 48-mpx definition with what is called ” ultra-clear AI “.

Shot with 48 mpx

When you use the camera with a definition of 12 mpx an operation is called that is called ” pixel-binning ” that is the merging of multiple pixels into one, so as to reduce noise and improve the details of the shots. In the new Honor View 20 this operation is done by both the rear and the front camera.

shooting with Aperture mode

The shooting modes are multiple and allow you to customize the shots to your liking. Camera that is really excellent.

Shooting with AR stickers mode

The videos are great, at 1080p with 60 fps, or 4K at 30 fps. There is an electronic stabilization that does a great job.

The front camera, on the other hand, is a bit less performing. Good shots, but not excellent, especially because overexposed; in any case, the result of the first product with “in display camera”, in short “er buchetto”, is more than good.


You can not complain anything about this device that has a capacity of 4,000 mAh and never seems to discharge. Provided that you do not make intensive use of the display by watching videos.

Because in about 90 minutes of playback Honor View 20 loses 17% of the charge, while the “cousin” Mate 20 Pro lost only 10%, evidently this is the price of not having an AMOLED, because otherwise the battery is excellent and you arrive in the evening even with a 40% residual, really excellent result.

The charge is fast: from 0 to 100 in about 75 minutes, more than good speed.

Telephone functions

Honor View 20 is a beautiful phone, first of all, with good reception and excellent capsule sound.

Good sensitivity of the wifi, there is also the NFC sensor, which makes this smartphone compatible with Google Pay and any other similar solutions.

Review Honor View 20: conclusions

Beautiful product, there is nothing to say about the quality with which it is made. More beautiful live than in pictures, for me it is the best Honor ever built. It remains to be seen whether the world is ready for a device with this brand that officially costs around 700 euros.

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